Is this the start of an electric era of cars ??

Electric cars are awesome. The sound when an electric sport car, super car or even hyper car passes by at 250 mph is incredibly crazy. They literally sound like fighter jets passing by on the ground. One example is the VW id.r which is absolutely insane looking and it’s speed us the same.

Tesla, an electric automotive manufacturer, debuted their Roadster a couple months before VW announced the debut of their id.r and that thing is also insane they claim that it can do 0–60 mph in 1.9 seconds, and claim 0–100 mph in 4.2 seconds and can run the 1/4 mile in 8.8 seconds which is mind bogglingly crazy fast. These speeds can rip someone’s face off if there’s no windshield which thankfully there is and it’s also a taraga top so you can cruise around in your 250 mph super at that can run 0–60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

Lotus debuted their Evija in July of 2019 and its incredibly head turning but at the same time it’s quite Simple. It looks like it’s sculpted by the air and it’s actually all about the aero. The crazy thing is the power; this car has 1972 horsepower and it weighs 1972 KG’s so the power to weight ratio is 1:1. That’s the definition of crazy speed.

Koenigsegg was going to debut the new family mega car, the Gemera, in this year’s Geneva motor show but the Geneva motor show was cancelled so they just made a trailer for it on YouTube and this car got its hype and many car youtubers made videos about it. The specs on this car are insane; it weighs double the weight of the Tesla roadster and can do 0–60 mph in the same time 1.9 seconds. But it has a twin turbo inline 3 engine and 4 electric motors each of them making 500 hp but were the whole car is limited to 1677 hp for safety reasons and can make 2581 ft-lb of torque or about 3500 NM of it.

All these cars lead to the same question; will gasoline powered cars stick around for any longer? And my answer to that is yes; but manufacturers will have to keep perfecting them to be more power efficient, which is something that they are pretty good at right now but still need to be perfected at.

Will motor sports be affected ??

Yes. These car manufacturers aren’t participating in many motor sports except for VW which participated in every motor sport other than F-1 and moves are leading towards a more electric future. Rally without a VW golf or Scoda or touring car racing without Audi or Porsche or moto GP without Ducati all of which are owned by the VW group. This can also make other brands to give up these sports to not look like giant polluters and thus everything changes.

This all leads to a fully electric future but it’s never going to be close.



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